Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A few quick hits from day 3

Hi all, while Wei-Hwa is working on writing up and day 2 and Jonathan is working on writing up day 3, I figured I'd cobble together a few random tidbits to get everyone up to speed in case their posts don't come in for a while...

  • This morning in Columbus, Dan, Jonathan, and I had breakfast this morning with founding B&B member Ajit, his wife Lise, and their two awesome kids.  They gave us a run down of all the spots we might have to visit in Columbus, and they nailed almost all of them!  It was great to see them and it was a great help to boot, as I'm sure you'll see in Jonathan's writeup.
  • As Dan mentioned in a comment, we learned tonight that were a little over 30 minutes behind overall after day 2, but apparently we jumped into the lead today.  Hoping we'll get a little more detail on the specifics tomorrow, but not sure if we will have much more detail than this.
  • There hasn't been as much credit card roulette this trip as the past two years, mainly because the long legs have forced us mostly into fast food situations.  To make up for not enough credit card roulette, we've been playing "room-lette" at our hotels each night.  Room-lette works as follows - we get four keycards for two rooms, shuffle them, and then hand them out to the four of us.  Then we visit the first room and we all try our cards - this determines who rooms with whom!  So far there have been two nights of D+J/R+W and two nights of D+W/R+J.  We haven't yet landed on the rare D+R/J+W combination yet, but there's still time!
  • Tomorrow's leg from Cincinnati to Chicago (a 5 hour-ish drive if we go direct) is going to have some clues here in Cincy, some along the route, and then some in Chicago.  Josh says it will be the longest and most difficult leg of the race, and he'll be cutting teams off at 3am (!) tomorrow night.  My gamble to take on the responsibility for the detailed write-up for day 4, thinking the leg with the most driving would be the easiest has backfired in a big way...
  • Today (Tuesday) is Dan Egnor's birthday!!  Happy Birthday Dan!  What better way to spend the day then a multi-state puzzle hunt.
  • Finally, I leave you with an anecdote from tonight's checkin at the Holiday Inn Express in Cincy.
Clerk:  Your last name please, sir?
Dan:  Egnor.
Clerk:  Hmm, I don't have an Egnor.
Dan:  Uh oh.
Clerk:  Any chance your first name is Daniel?
Dan:  Yes...
Clerk:  OK, then maybe this is you.  For some reason, your reservation is listed as "Daniel United States".
 And with that, I'm off to bed!


  1. Yay, it's United States' birthday today! Pretty sure that means we get fireworks.