Friday, August 9, 2013

We're so cool, it's chili

The midwest is famous for ... chili.  Technically we're not sure if Pittsburgh really counts as the midwest (Pennsylvania is of course an Atlantic state, but we are definitely in the Appalachian mountains here) but we're going through Cincinnati and stuff, so we think maybe we'll try to sample some local chili.

Today we had a fine sample of Pittsburgh chili from Primanti Brothers, a local chain that says they've been "almost famous" since 1933.  (We wonder when the restaurant was founded.)

This could almost pass for salsa in California.
You can get it with onions and cheese on the side:
If they're called Solo cups why are there two of them?
Or for no charge at all, the restaurant will throw it in for you.
The cheese melted.  But you can tell the chili isn't hot because the onions still retain their shape.
I think this is somethiing Ohioans call a "3-way".  Apparently Pittsburgers don't go for flowery terms like that.

The chili was billed as "hot", but there wasn't that much spiciness felt when eating it.  But there definitely was some evidence of pepper:
Hey, that's not a bean skin!
Anyway, a little bit sweet, a tiny bit spicy.  This could almost pass for New England chili.  We'll see tomorrow if there's any local variation.

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  1. The chili at work yesterday featured "moist scallions". This might be the first time an institution described a food ingredient as "moist" when trying to convince me to eat it.