Sunday, August 11, 2013

Day 2 quick update, Pittsburgh => Columbus

We're still going!  We had a long day in Pittsburgh and we're driving to Columbus, currently somewhere around Belmont, OH on I-70 west. We solved our traveling clues and know the start location in Columbus. We're actually behind the other teams right now, probably by at least an hour (in wall clock time anyway). We know there are five or six puzzles waiting for us in Columbus and we're looking forward to a Ravenchase night game!

We'll have a full update later (it's Wei-Hwa's turn, and we did get the bag-cam working after all) but it may be somewhat delayed...


  1. Go go go! Cheering you on from Portland!

  2. Wasn't Belmont the answer to some music clue?

  3. We finished moments before midnight. We had our stumbles earlier (you'll read all about it later!) but had a solid finish. Both other teams were in 20-30m before us.

    Josh said he'd give a standings update tomorrow. Apparently tomorrow will largely be done on bikes (Columbus has a city bike share program, I think?), which should be super cool!