Saturday, August 10, 2013

Team bios!

Some of you might be curious about the larger than life heroes on Team BSB 2013!  Do we spend all day every day solving silly puzzles and writing cryptic blog entries, or is it the other way around?  Do we really sleep in crossword pajamas?  Read on...

Jonathan "Jasters McCueLa" McCue

Turn-ons: Leopard print bathrobes

Jonathan's achievements include winning the MIT Mystery Hunt as a one-man team, scaling Everest using only his teeth, and is the only man alive with an 11.0 rating on (There was another, but...) He normally plays with the Smoking Gnu.

Wei-Hwa "Onigame" Huang

Turn-ons: Puzzles, games, pinball, Trisha
Turn-offs: Things that aren't puzzles, games, pinball, or Trisha

The only member of our team with a Wikipedia page, Wei-Hwa is the puzzler's puzzler. He has not only won the World Puzzle Championship and the U.S. Sudoku Championship, Wei-Hwa is also a Microsoft Certified Professional. He normally plays with the Burninators.

Rich "ubragg" Bragg

Turn-ons: Sandwiches with french fries in them, Kiki
Turn-offs: Small airline seats

Rich has played in all three Great America Race hunts and is going for a three-peat victory! He normally plays with teams that have "Blood" and/or "Pretty, Pretty" in their name, like "Pretty, Pretty Blood", "Bloody Pandas", "I Feel Pretty Good" and so on.

Dan "egnor" Egnor

Turn-ons: Ridiculously long puzzle hunts, Ana
Turn-offs: Sandwiches with french fries in them

Dan always wanted to be a part of BSB, but he can't lip-sync so he had to join this team instead. He actually does sleep in crossword pajamas. Like Wei-Hwa, Dan normally plays with the Burninators.


  1. I did not know Wei-Hwa has a wikipedia page!

    Also: french fries in sandwiches are gross. FYI.

  2. Re: french fries in sandwiches... they're all going to same place!

  3. Backstreet Boys didn't lip sync! Anyone who says otherwise is a lying stupidface!

  4. I have seen those crossword pajamas and they are adorable! Now what do the rest of you sleep in?

    1. Debbie, nothing -- nothing -- comes between Wei-Hwa and his puzzles.