Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm sure this is not representative of West Virginia chili

Seeing as we were busy with the chase all day yesterday, there wasn't much chance for chili.  The closest I could get was at a Sheetz (yes, that's a real name for a food-serving establishment, for those of you sheltered Californians) station just outside Wheeling, West Virginia, where I had some "chili-topped-macaroni and cheese":
As a connoisseur of low-quality food, this wasn't bad.  No spiciness at all and only a hint of the sweetness I expect to get in Ohio.
It's not actually as brown as it looks in this photo.
You know how at 7-Eleven they have those dispensers where you can get FREE chili and cheese for your hot dogs, or nachos, or jelly-glazed doughnuts?  This pretty much tasted like they put an empty cup under that dispenser and went hog wild.


  1. Everyone knows, at Sheetz you only get a made-to-order sandwich. Avoid everything else in the store that isn't chips, jerky, or soda!

  2. Can you order a chili sandwich, hold the bread?