Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 3 quick update, Columbus => Cincinnati

We're still going!  We're about half an hour out from the location in Cincinnati.

We solved a pile of puzzles on bikes in Columbus (a good time), the obligatory cemetery chase, and a great audio clue on the road.  Jonathan's on the hook for the writeup later.  We're hoping for an earlier bedtime tonight, but we've still for 4 clues ahead of us in Cincy.


  1. In absence of news, I'm looking at photos of Columbus' Topiary Garden, trying to make a puzzle out of it.

    1. We were there today, but there wasn't a puzzle at the site (at least not a site specific one). It's pretty awesome though and I'm glad we got a chance to see it.

      We finished a while ago today. Josh said we started the day in 2nd place by ~30 mins but more than made up for it today. We didn't even see the other teams at the end -- they were still a couple of hours out and we decided to go on a chili adventure instead.

    2. In my Quest for the Iron Raven fan fiction, this site's clue is an imaginary conversation between the, um, topiaries consisting of shubbery-related idioms and puns.

    3. You'd want to work in some reference to Seurat.